It’s been a while…I hate injuries!

I started this blog just over a year ago to help with my fundraising efforts for the 2014 Boston Marathon.  My thought was to continue to use the blog for the up coming training season for the 2015 Boston Marathon with Dana Farber.  Well I decided to sit 2015 out and not run Boston, so what to do with the blog??  I really enjoyed putting my thoughts out on a weekly basis during my marathon training and it helped to keep me in check.

I sat back and took a look at what I have been doing since April 2014.  I surprised to see that I had accomplished more than I thought.  I had an injury and a couple of setbacks since April so I was thinking that I had not been running as much.  I realized that I am still very active in the running community and have had some great new experiences.

After Boston I ran two half marathons, The Johnny Kelley Half, Hyannis, MA during Memorial Day weekend and then Runner’s World Heartbreak Hill Half, Newton, MA two weeks later in June.  My body was still pretty tired from Boston but I was able to keep up with the running but at a slower pace.  One of the best parts about Boston this year was the training.  The training was better than the race but I am pretty sure it’s suppose to be the other way around.  I trained with a group of people, who quickly became great friends.  They trained hard and ran harder.   I couldn’t keep up with them but in a few short months I was able to keep them in my sights.  I got stronger and faster.

Well, they were all runner the Hyannis half and I wanted to run with them.  I also wanted to complete the Cape Cod half marathon trilogy.  I ran the Hyannis half in February, the second race was the Hyannis half in May, with the third race being the Harwich half in October.  So of course I had to run the Hyannis half in May.  Oh I forgot to tell what you get for running all three…a jacket.  Haha a jacket.  It was funny, they said we’ll go slow, have fun, and take pictures.  So I ran the half in May but there was not much fun, or picture taking or company from the group.  I ended up run/walking starting around mile 8 and got separate from my friends around mile 2.  I did not realize how tired I really was.  I muscled through it and finished.  It was slowest half yet and I was not happy.  You would think, I would have learned my lesson after struggling to finish.  Nope, I am a glutton for punishment.

The women from the group I ran had registered before Boston for the Heartbreak Hill half but I kept saying, I am going to wait to after the marathon.  They would bring it up and I would say no, I’m not committing to it.  After the marathon, I kept telling them my body was too tired.  I knew better!  I knew that this race was going to be challenging and not a good idea.  But peer pressure always seems to win with me, and I gave in.  I registered about a week before the race and figured it couldn’t be much worse than Hyannis a week ago.  Well it was worse and officially my slowest half marathon to date.

It started out feeling warm and then it was hot.  I made it to mile 5 and then the games began.  I was trying to decide if I should turn around or was there a short cut somewhere.  My legs were heavy but my mind was heavier and I soon realized that mentally I was already defeated.  I really struggled on the hills and realized that I should have trusted my gut and sat this one out.  Seeing as though I was not very close to home, once I made it past mile 6 there was no way to turn back.  I finished but it was not pretty.  I felt defeated, broken.  This seemed to be a reoccurring theme with my running since Boston.  I loved the Heartbreak Hill Half as a race but was not in love with my performance.  Highlight of the day was meeting Shalene Flanagan at the finish.  I was surprised she was still there considering how long it took me to walk to the finish.  I hope the 2014 Heartbreak Hill Half will stay as the slowest/longest half that I run.  I look forward to do over in 2015.

The Heartbreak Half was on a Sunday and Monday I was tired, sore, and disappointed with myself for not listening to my body.  I must not have been too disappointed because Monday night, I decided to play in the police softball league.  Why not!!  I was going to take the week off of running so I had plenty of few time to play softball.  Softball was a really bad idea.  Just after my second time at bat, I am running from second base to third and something really awful happens.  I am met with sharp pain and the inability to walk.  I make it off the field and I knew I had pushed my body beyond it’s breaking point.

The week was filled with doctor appoints, X-rays, MRI, and an ultra sound to learn that I had a grade 2+ tear of my calf muscle.  Ouch!  That was one way to give my body a rest but not the way I should have chosen.  The following six weeks and most of my summer were spent in physical therapy with very limited physical activity.  I love summer on Cape Cod and I was quickly learning my summer was not going to be filled with the outdoor activities I love.  I was able to start running again at the end of July and began training for a few races I already had planned.  It was much harder than I was expecting trying to get my groove back.



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A 30-something year old Oiselle Volee runner living on Cape Cod. Running the Chicago Marathon October 9, 2016, as part of the American Cancer Society team. A die hard Boston Bruins fan, avid reader, TV junkie and trying to enjoy all life has to offer. Donate here:
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2 Responses to It’s been a while…I hate injuries!

  1. Joanne says:

    Getting your groove on has never been your problem my friend. Slowing down and listening to the groove is where you lack restraint. xoxo

  2. Lori says:

    You’re back on track my friend… Run from your heart and don’t listen to what’s in your head.

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