A few of my favorite things

I have talked a lot about my training, running, and fundraising, so I figured I’d fill you in on a little  more about me.  I tried to rank my favorite things but could not rank them in order of importance, so here they are in particular order.

My dog – Jack is the best guy in my life.  He is golden retriever and is nine years old.  He loves to run but hates when I train for a half or full marathon because he has to stay home a lot.  I only take him with me when I am running five miles or less.  How can you not love this face.


Hockey – I grew up in a hockey family and spending my weekends at the hockey rink, watching my brother play.  I always wanted to play and have no idea why I waited so long to start.  I started playing a few years ago.  I am a dedicated Boston Bruins fan and season ticket holder.  Some of the best days have been at the Bruin’s game and nothing beats playoff hockey!  I have been lucky enough to go to the Winter Classic, skate on the ice at the garden, drink a Mai Tai out of the Stanley Cup, and attend every home playoff game when we won the Stanley cup in 2011!

IMG_0172                       13333_1235899670033_1605457069_594481_7822563_n

Live Music – I enjoy all genres of music but I really love live music.  Real live music, not a concert.   The smaller the venue, the better.  A few of my favorite spots, Harvest Gallery Wine Bar or anywhere that Terry Brennan performs.

Coffee I am definitely a coffee snob, the fancier the better!  I love lattes, cappuccinos, and espresso martinis.  Oh wait, does that even count as coffee.  One of my favorite spots, The Underground Bakery, Route 6A Dennis.  You can catch me there at least once a day.

Reading  – Not much can beat a new book, my beach chair and Mayflower Beach.  I have enjoyed reading from a very young age.  I find it so relaxing!  I am always looking for recommendations!!

Tv shows – Thank goodness for DVR otherwise I would never watch any TV.  My DVR is usually pretty full because I will check out just about any show.  I am currently looking for some news shows to check out, the more complex the story line the better.  Here are a few of my favorites, Breaking Bad, The Wire, Six Feet Under, Dexter, Homeland, The Following, House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, The Americans, and Scandal.  I could go on and on.

Puzzles  – Jigsaw, word, number or any kind puzzle.  I would have to say jigsaw puzzles are my favorite.  A few years back a very special person gave me a drafting table to use for my puzzles.  It one of my favorite items in my house.  Here is the puzzle I am currently working.  It’s important to note that one, it was screen saver for months after the bombing and one of my favorite images from the bombing, two it has to do with the Boston Marathon and three my nephew gave it to me for Christmas and picked it out himself!


Candy – I have the worst sweet tooth but my weakness is definitely with candy.  Don’t get me wrong I enjoy chocolate, ice cream, and desserts but I can not resist the candy.  My favorites are swedish fish, gummy bears, dots, and jelly belly jelly beans.

Sushi – One of my newer loves!  I never would have thought I’d love sushi as much as I do.  Inaho is my favorite spot but we are a little limited here on Cape Cod of places to go. Please offer any suggestions of great sushi places to try, and I willing to travel.


About lifesworthrunning

A 30-something year old Oiselle Volee runner living on Cape Cod. Running the Chicago Marathon October 9, 2016, as part of the American Cancer Society team. A die hard Boston Bruins fan, avid reader, TV junkie and trying to enjoy all life has to offer. Donate here: http://main.acsevents.org/goto/ChristineHornby
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