Winter Running

Needless to say this past week has been very challenging for running.  New England is know for is unpredictable weather.  For example, the unseasonably hot, humid weather on marathon Monday in 2012.  The temperature has been freezing and we’ve had two blizzards in January.  I always thought that Cape Cod did not get that much snow but mother nature keeps proving me wrong.  There have been several days recently that I have had to force myself to go for a run.  Thank goodness for my new-found running group.  Knowing that they will be there waiting for me is probably the only reason I have accomplished any runs in the past ten days.  I did not get as many miles in as I wanted last week but I am thankful for the miles I did get in.

Sunday was the last race in the Cape Cod Athletic Club winter grand prix series.  I have really enjoyed competing this year in the grand prix.  Last year I ran a few of the races but was intimidated by how competitive it was.  Every race I was at the back of the pack and in the bottom ten.  This year I was in the middle of the pack and felt that I was able to compete.  In the past year I have definitely become more confident in my running.  I am going to miss our Sunday races but I am pretty sure my body will be happy its over.  Doing my long run on Saturday and then racing on Sunday can be exhausting.

Life is always challenging and this week was no different.  I am hoping that 2014 starts to improve for so many people in my life.  I know there will always be heart-break and sadness but I am trying everyday to find the good in life and appreciate all that I have.  So thanks to all of you for your continued support and encouragement.  Here’s some of the beauty I found this week.

IMG_1462                  IMG_1454

Fundraising total $2150   Thank you to Meagan Willis, Heather Manuel, Kevin Lennon, Carol Coughlin, Megan Willis, and Tracy Long’s matching Verizon donation!!!!


About lifesworthrunning

A 30-something year old Oiselle Volee runner living on Cape Cod. Running the Chicago Marathon October 9, 2016, as part of the American Cancer Society team. A die hard Boston Bruins fan, avid reader, TV junkie and trying to enjoy all life has to offer. Donate here:
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